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10 seasons and counting

Source: Hulu. Left to right: Dan, AKA Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), Daryl, AKA Dary (Nathan Dales), and Wayne (Jared Keeso).
Source: Hulu. Left to right: Dan, AKA Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), Daryl, AKA Dary (Nathan Dales), and Wayne (Jared Keeso).

The comedy series Letterkenny, now in its 10th season and counting, is for the naughty nerds, the degens, the rebels, the feisty rugged spirits with hearts of gold. It’s one of the crassest, cussing-est, blatantly-line-crossing TV shows I’ve seen.

It swings progressive, liberal, left, which is my jam. The town…

One writer’s eclectic work organized as best she can

A collection of canvas painting of a young woman or young women.
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Thank you for stopping by my little blogging corner! If you’d like a more proper introduction, check out my About Me story. If you’re a new writer here, I highly recommend you write an About Me story of your own ASAP. :D

Access almost all of my work, divided…

She’s me. Anyways. Let’s begin.

Guy with beard
Stock Photo Model Hogan. Photo by João Jesus from Pexels

Hogan Torah and I go way, way back.

All the way to 2020.

We began an oddly polite exchange on this story in MuddyUm, which I edited.

I won’t lie.

Hogan concerned me.

Was he crossing the line of being too-offensive? (Yes)

Was he so charming I didn’t care? (Yes)

A poem about finding yourself

Kaleidoscope style art flower
Photo by Fiona Art from Pexels

forehead to the floor
out of order
anger building rage

it’s hereditary
this caged anger
you know the story

used liquor boxes
hold Shakespeare
winter sweaters
while she skips
in order to continue
creative momentum

tiny stone of doubt
tries to weigh her down
while supporters —
careful watchers

You are as beautiful as you allow yourself to be

Playful woman in bikini
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When I was in college in the mid-1990s and looked in the mirror, I saw a young woman who wasn’t a “10,” who didn’t have “good enough” breasts, whose thighs were too big. A kid told me in 9th grade, “How can you be so skinny and have jiggly thigh…

What’s that app?

Stardust is a visually stunning, informative period app with a sense of humor and a generous helping of “woo”

Screenshot of Stardust Period Tracking App Instagram page.
Screenshot of Stardust IG page.
There are so many useful apps out there that it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. In this series, I share apps that could be useful for you but you may have never heard about before. 

Stardust Period Tracking App

Harness your inner cosmic energy with Stardust, an app that integrates…

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Photo of writer Aimée Gramblin
Aimée Gramblin in 2021. Photo provided by the author.

Hi Readers and Writers,

Happy New Year! I’m ridiculously excited for 2022. I love the repeating 2s. They look so beautiful and reassuring to me. Yeah, as Hogan Torah reminded me, I’m pretty random.

I started participating in the Medium Partner Program (MPP) in April of 2020. …

Aimée Gramblin

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