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A collection of canvas painting of a young woman or young women.
Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels


Thank you for stopping by my little blogging corner! If you’d like a more proper introduction, check out my About Me story. If you’re a new writer here, I highly recommend you write an About Me story of your own ASAP. :D

Access almost all of my work, divided…

Unraveling Decades of HIV/AIDS Fear Through Self-Compassion, Humanity, and Love

Author in color, light, and shadow from author’s collection.

Whoosh whoosh

At 43, finally, I wade back through memories to observe the layers of fear accumulating around HIV. I’m 12 years old. We’re watching a video about a kid, Ryan, who got HIV from blood transfusions. Not even doctors could save this kid. …

Holiday Exposé

Exclusive dialogue from the non-virgin Mary and a motley holiday crew

“Santa Claus Bar” by hans-jürgen2013 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

“Santa, stop tapping me on the ass when we’re at the bar. Someone might see.”

“Who cares, Mrs. Claus. We’re married after all — and you have a nice butt. Look at Mary sitting down at the end of the bar, accepting drinks from would-be-wooers. …

Special Report

To find the answer, I did the dirty work for you

Photo Of a Man Driving 4x4 Off Road Car
Photo by Bartosz Bartkowiak from Pexels

I’d decided not to disclose my blogging earnings or write about Medium anymore because many important and wise writers like Ash Jurberg and Sarah Paris advised me not to.

But, then ole Hogan “Hoagie” Torah started posting his earnings and writing all about Medium on Fuck Niches and I thought…

NSFW Music Playlist

Songs that might make you blush or sing even louder

Photo of man and woman looking at each other. Sexy vibe.
Photo by Sara Motta from Pexels

Have you checked out your 2021 Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 playlist yet? If you use Spotify, it’s definitely worth clicking on.

I found out I listened to 50 different genres last year.

Do I get a reward for that?


Well, I think maybe I should.

Our family’s been using Spotify…


Woman Using Laptop On The Floor
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This December, I’m running a little experiment.

Each week, I’ll choose one question comment from an article of mine and turn the answer into a story.

We’re kicking it off with Bingz’s question on my recent article Today I Tried Not to Cry Over Spilt Coffee When My Day Didn’t…

Aimée Gramblin

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