Poem inspired by the movie Basquiat

“Price of Gasoline in the Third World, 1982, Jean-Michel Basquiat” by y.caradec is licensed under…

Movies pour into my
academic break
like sour milk as my
impatient bones await
summer school

while I watch Basquiat,
about the 1980s Haitian-American
graffiti artist turned elite

Basquiat’s death accomplished
by overdose by heroin at age 27

This inspires me to shake
the lackadaisical from
my bones and write



Watering constellations

Immersing ourselves in blades of grass, starry skies, and love

Photo by Di Guedes on Pexels

Lovers, like a thousand
other lovers
or peanuts in a sack

paint and illuminate
shadows on the night
black lines and yellow magic
golden shimmer swirls

Lovers contemplate
wriggling roots breaking
free from hard-packed dirt
watching every constellation emerge

peas, radishes and lettuce
Orion and countless others
skimming blades of grass…



Aimée Gramblin

Aimée Gramblin

Memoirist-in-progress with the collective awakened and awakening consciousness. Love + Courage = Love Evolution. Creativity Fiend in training.