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Empathetic Diva. Sexy, sassy. Believer — in parallel universes. Trolling myself for decades. Badassiest. Personal essayist. Inquiries:

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In this photo, I was 17. I felt like the baddest (in that 90s cool way) introvert at school. As I grow into middle age, I seek to retrieve some of the sass and blend it with the wisdom from living. Then, I write.

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This essay was originally titled “I Am a Nature Witch.” As readers don’t tend to leap into “I” stories, I’m trying to drop the over usage of “I” in titles. I won’t lie — it’s hard. This is me, in all my quirky, unpolished, new to blogging witchy nature glory. *FREE LINK*

This had a super terrible title. I just changed it. Maybe it’ll get more hits. My heart’s in the right place and there are some snazzy photos. *FREE LINK*

Still trying to gain my footing and focusing more inward…

Creative Nonfiction tips from your honorary English Professor

Beautiful woman is immersed in water on her back in seaweed. She is face up, eyes closed. Beautiful makeup, elbows bent, hands resting on the top of her head. Magic, beauty, fantasy aesthetic. Captivating.
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Imagine that we are sitting in a classroom on a crisp autumn day. There are twelve of us sitting at desks that are arranged in a circle. There’s natural light pouring in through large glass windows.

You’ve come to learn how to craft creative nonfiction and personal essays. I sit with you, as one of you. We are all on this journey of life, and every single one of us has the wisdom to contribute to the discussion.

If you don’t already know, I give you my credentials: storyteller for as long as I can remember. I hold a Bachelor’s…

Badass mama jama, storyteller, mental health advocate, and more

About Me — Aimée Gramblin Badass mama jama, storyteller, mental health advocate, and more | About Me Stories | Medium
Photo of Aimée Gramblin at her 40th Birthday Party taken by David Gramblin.

Hi, My name is Aimée Gramblin. I’m a veteran wife (18 years and counting), badass mama jama of two kids (a teen and a tween), a writer, a nature enthusiast, and a curious soul. I’m a first generation Oklahoman, in the United States. I’ve almost moved out of state three times, but got cold feet each time. We almost moved to Atlanta, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee, and Swansea, Wales — all for school related opportunities. We ended up moving from Norman, Oklahoma to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we’ve lived for almost fifteen years now. It’s green, slightly hilly, a bit more progressive…

This is why the algorithm isn’t doing readers like you and me any favors

Photograph of Hogan Torah sporting a voluminous beard in an office setting.
This is Hogan Torah

My writing buddy, Hogan Torah, recently decided he’s done with writing gritty, artsy, cerebral stuff. That’s some of my favorite stuff from him. But, it’s not bringing in the big bucks, as unique and quality writing truly has a hard time making its way to the surface, to you — the reader interested in imbibing creative nonfiction that makes your heart hum, drop, stick in your throat, and flutter.

A restless sleeper’s poem

Frida Kahlo, Wikiart, Fair Use.

It’s your choice
full moonlight bathing
glowing water emergence
fresh grass sitting
renewed cells invigorated
full moonlight
amelioration fighting dictation
shadow person gulping
grey nights collaborating
with grey days
shoving sleep’s countenance
scorned, oblique
stars dangling by silver threads
reaching for your eyes
slow simmer
holes poked
into smoked mounds
gouda, blue cheese
blue moon, swoon river
the psyche argues in her sleep
restless, relentless
quicksand deep

Thank you for reading! Here’s a complete list of my poems for your perusal.

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Between capitalism and the patriarchy, I’m running on empty

Two young girls sit on grass wearing gas masks.
Photo by Ilya Perelude from Pexels

Yesterday, after assessing my screamingly aching hip joints, I decided to take a midday bath. I was enjoying my Epsom salt soak, phone in hand — because I’m one of those people who takes the phone with me into the bath — when it began to ring. I ignored the number from “spam” the first time, but the second time something nudged me to answer. So, I did.

“Mrs. Gramblin? This is Mrs. D — I’m calling to inform you that Cecilia has been exposed to Covid-19 — ”

Naked in the bath, where I usually refrain from taking calls…

Some favorite tunes from my 2000s mixed CD now on Spotify for your listening pleasure

Elderly man wearing black suit and red tie with glasses. He smiles at the camera while holding both thumbs up.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Eighteen months into the Covid-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in a conundrum. When will this thing let up? What will ever feel like normal again? When will we be able to drop the masks and sneeze in each other’s proximity again?

I don’t know.

I do know music makes life better. After school pickup today, we had the good fortune of being behind this car at a stoplight. Agreed — Life is better with music.

Intriguing, macabre, haunting, warped, and funny binge-worthy ‘death’ TV

Screenshot of Linda Cardelinni as Judy and Christina Applegate as Jen in Netflix series Dead to Me.
Screenshot of Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate (right) and Linda Cardellini (left).

Do you find yourself fascinated by the possibilities of what happens after death? Many of us do. We can let our imaginations run wild, but the truth is none of us know for sure until we’re actually dead. The following series produced captivating tales about death.

There are way more than 5 shows about death —these are the standouts worth watching. Strong direction, sharp writing, detailed set design, and stellar ensemble casts make each of the following series extremely binge-worthy.

Six Feet Under — Drama + Macabre Comedy

A short story

Blurred image of a woman with her hands placed against a window. Spooky, creepy, trapped feeling.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Sela doused the grimy kitchen counter with homemade cleaner — vinegar, fresh lemons, and baking soda diluted in water. She scrubbed intently, scouring away the smatterings of butter, grease, eggs, chopped onions, and who knew what else.

She moved from the kitchen to the front door, closing it against the cool autumn breeze and subdued sunshine. She would not be subdued again. The door locked and bolted, Sela glanced at her clock radio but decided against playing music. What if he was like one of the “guests” on Sally Jessie Raphael and had plans to capture and torture her? …

Aimée Gramblin

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