A Round-Up of Hot Take Analyses on The Latest Changes at Medium

Medium social media writing platform — the lottery/casino for intellectuals and everyone else

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A couple things happened in the past week or so that impact the Medium platform. Namely, President Biden accidentally got spoonfed erotica by AI and Medium Ev Founder published a detailed work email publicly.

I’ve read some great hot takes and want to share them with you here. I’ll also link to the original two articles that are causing the current buzz.

President Biden was being fed erotica by Medium AI, much to his and his staff’s supposed chagrin. It’s a bad look, but maybe AI is right. Just saying. The article, “The Mess at Medium,” by Casey Newton appears in The Verge.

The other is an email that Ev Williams, Medium’s Founder and financial supporter, dropped as a Medium story, “Editorial Team Update.

I’ve been writing on Medium for almost one year. One of the first things I paid attention to from Medium veterans was that I should know the platform is ever-changing and the sooner I accept that, the happier I will be as a writer on the platform. They were right. I’m telling you the same.

Medium is a social media writing platform rollercoaster/lottery and casino for intellectuals.

Instead of forming a quick decision about how these changes will impact independent writers, I sat back and read articles from voices of independent writers I trust. Now, I’m sharing their analyses with you.

I. The Hopeful Analysis by Noah Levy

“Ultimately this is a win-win for the writers and readers: The makers get better at making and the readers get better stuff to read. We all grow as people at the end of it.” — Noah Levy

II. The Biting Humor Analysis that makes me chuckle every time I read it. Yes, I’ve read and re-read this piece by Hogan Torah

“People who were not paid a flat rate by Medium ask “What the fuck do we gotta do to make some money off this site?” Millions of stories about mindfulness ensue.” — Hogan Torah

III. The Veteran’s Wisdom Analysis by Tom Kuegler

“Medium is one gigantic social experiment. The theory?

Anybody can be a writer. Anyone has something meaningful to say. We all have powerful stories and emotional tales of triumph, despair, and sadness. What’s Medium’s mission statement, to me?

Your words matter.

Basically we’re reverting back to 2017–2018 Medium, and I’m fucking here for it. Only time will tell how our stories will perform in the algorithm anymore.” — Tom Kuegler

IV. The Pragmatic Analysis by Marley K.

“Writers cannot fight with algorithms. We cannot demand anything from something we do not own. I have transferred my work onto my new site (see my bio) preparing for the big ax or buyout. Medium is a tech company first, which means there will always be updates and experiments which makes me very uncomfortable about the future of the site.

Medium caters to White men making $100k annually in the Silicone Valley area. This group makes up the majority of Medium’s readership.” — Marley K.

V. Takeaway: My Hot Take

I’m not banking on Medium to make me rich. I’m not banking on Medium to stick around as a platform. I love writing on Medium and will continue doing so. I’m also diversifying my writing to submit to literary journals and contests. Being a non-bro, literary writer who doesn’t love churning out content doesn’t make us a perfect match.

What should you do? Whatever feels right. And, save your work off the platform no matter what. If you stick around, enjoy the ride!

Thank you for reading! Here’s a piece of that literary writing I mentioned:

Living to write. Writing to connect. Fascinated by details, emotion, and meaning. 13X Top Writer. Founder: Age of Empathy. Open to gigs: aimee@gramblin.com

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