Adriana, I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this, but I'm so thankful you're writing about it. We've had very similar experiences with chronic pain and lack of answers. I keep meaning to mention to you I take a product called Mobili-T that has Glucosmate in it along with some other things. I'm not sure if you experience joint pain. I know you say muscle pain in your essay. Mobili-T has helped cut my joint pain back--not all the way, but it has helped. I'm convinced it gave me an extra year working in the botanic garden.

You've encouraged me to continue writing about my journey and reminded so many of us how important it is to speak up.

Thank you! <3

Smitten with nature. Fascinated by humans. Nostalgist. Poet. Memoirist. Personal Essayist. 13X Top Writer. Featured Food Column in The Innovation.

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