First-I'm 42.

This is an important and highly relatable article, Shanna. I certainly vacillate between wanting to look younger than I am or "good for my age" and saying screw it! I've bought all kinds of serums, too. And, then I don't apply them habitually because I just don't care that much--until I do. That's usually when I see commercials, advertisements, or wealthy ladies with flawless skin who seem to have perfect lives (doubtful).

I decided to let my gray grow out about a year and a half ago--and I'm really gray. I've got tired eyes and neck wrinkles. I look my age. Sometimes, I like that. I like that it means I can walk through a store without being harassed.

It would be amazing to see a cultural shift in which the elderly and wisdom are embraced as a whole.

Thanks for writing about this important topic! I certainly don't want to teach my children that youth is special and aging is to be avoided. What a weird message to send!

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