Funny and interesting take on personality typing/identity. I type as INFP (I’m quite shy) and am supposed to get along well with ENFPs I think. I also type as 4w5 on the Enneagram and am a Leo on the Cancer cusp with a Pisces moon and Sagittarius rising. So, yeah, I’m into personality stuff, too. I think that we are universal matter from the cosmos energy come to earth to experience the realm of feeling (both physical and emotional). With typing, I think an ultimate lifetime goal would be integrating the different parts into that part that we present as most. It’s an interesting line of questioning. Most of me likes it- it helps me understand my friends, spouse, people in general, family better, but it can also feel short-sighted and shallow.

Living to write. Writing to connect. Fascinated by details, emotion, and meaning. 13X Top Writer. Founder: Age of Empathy. Open to gigs:

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