Haha. Thank you, Anangsha. I can't resist writing back. :D

1. I'm INFP-A, too. I do feel pretty directionless career-wise and like writer is where it's at, but I'm more poet than marketer...therefore, where are the marketing gurus for us INFP-As?? I know I could use a little help, lol.

2. I love nonfiction, but am really bad about finishing books. Yikes. I'll re-read and do a write up. :D

3. Unf*ck Your Habitat. It's cheeky and gives you random chores to do, like clean the handles in your bathroom/s with a 5-minute timer. I periodically use it and keep meaning to write about it.

4. Haha! Right? My real, real goal is to make enough money to hire an organizer so that my home is easy to clean. That'd be awesome. :D

5. :D

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