Hi Chesta, Thank you for writing this. Until December 2019 I was working outside as a gardener at our local botanic garden! Now, I work inside with sporadic freelance work. Not having routine or schedule is really hard for me and my mental health. Compound that with Covid19 + current events and my mental health takes an even bigger hit. I’ve started feeling like I’m winning when I keep on a pajama top but manage to get pants on. When I do a load of dishes or sweep the floor.

But, that’s not enough. Your concrete suggestions are really helpful. I write at our dining room table. It’s the best space in the house to write. I had been adding a candle, a crystal, and a notebook each morning. I was decluttering and wiping down the table. Lately, I haven’t been.

I know I will feel better when I follow your advice. And, I’ll be more productive in my freelance life and personal creative aspirations.

Thank you!

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