Hi Cory, I'm so glad to read this today. It's highly relatable. I live with anxiety, OCD, and depression. I'm 42 years old. It took me many years (into my 30s) to accept and be grateful for medication.

I had to try many, many medications before I found what worked. Last year, I realized I needed to switch to something that would work beyond managing anxiety and depression and also manage OCD. I'm so glad I switched.

One of the reasons I write about mental health is I want to destigmatize taking medication. I still find many people are scared and/or judgmental about it.

I want others to understand that we are all different and some of us are only able to manage our lives with medication as part of our toolbox. It doesn't cancel out meditation, journaling, nature, exercising, etc being helpful. Those things are not enough for all people.

Would people warn a type 1 diabetic to quit taking medication. Nope. Is there something off with my brain chemistry. Yep.

Thank you for helping take the stigma away. I'd be curious on your take of the Amazon show Modern Love, episode 3, which covers Bipolar.



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