I hear all of your opposing arguments. The heat is a factor, definitely. I wonder if fans and shade structures would help. I’m in Oklahoma, so I get it about the heat.

Honestly, I hadn’t thought about students just bailing out on class! That’s an interesting issue.

I think it would be easier to implement in elementary school, but with funding and innovation could be done in the upper grades.

It would be great to see American public schools prioritized in funding, but I know that’s unlikely.

Going outside is good for all of us. That’s part of why school gardens (at all levels) have become so popular.

My hope is that this article sparks some interest from administrators/teachers/creative thinkers to go beyond the traditional ways in which we have been teaching.

Thank you for reading!

Smitten with nature. Fascinated by humans. Nostalgist. Poet. Memoirist. Personal Essayist. 13X Top Writer. Featured Food Column in The Innovation.

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