It has changed some and not changed at all. Both my kids are in GT. In hindsight, maybe that was a poor choice on our part.

At their elementary school, their are varying criteria for GT. They both tested into it, but some children are selected for creativity or other factors... But, then shouldn't all children be considered gifted?

On the other hand, they get bored working on pace in some areas.

However, my son had a harder time keeping pace in middle school and in middle school GT. I think curriculum/homework requirements are so different over the district that it's hard to match everyone's level. He's in the Magnet (academically advanced) program at his school. His struggles have been huge in 7th grade as he's had to navigate a virtual year and a year in which "the curriculum" is the teacher.

I was placed in GT in 1st grade and removed in 2nd grade. My confidence dropped tremendously. A couple of years ago I found out that's not what actually happened. Apparently, GT was too full, so they moved that element into the classroom. Doh!

Your point about study skills is well taken. For a lot of kids (like my son), they can get away without studying up to a certain point. And, then when they have to study they're pissed at themselves and disappointed it's work now.

Yep. Long way to go.

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