Melissa, you are so organized! I can see the General Manager part of you! I tend to be more of an intuitive goal setter. I think it's a difference between J's and P's in Briggs Meyers personalities (I'm a P).

I know I can learn so much from J types who thrive on concrete organization. Thank you for sharing your strong skillset with us on organization.

I get overwhelmed with paper. I want to mention that Trello (thank you @Shanna Loga) has been so great for me to use. I organize the "cards" used in Trello how you describe organizing your binder.

So far, I have To Sumbit, Submissions Pending, and Accepted as a baseline for Medium stuff. I'll be incorporating your organizational tips on that platform.

Thank you!

Smitten with nature. Fascinated by humans. Nostalgist. Poet. Memoirist. Personal Essayist. 13X Top Writer. Featured Food Column in The Innovation.

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