Oh my goodness, TTRV, This is hilarious and relatable! I'm planing to write a sequel to my pelvic floor article soon--and, it will include men! Men actually qualify for help with pelvic floor therapy too! While one of my younger friends expressed being grossed out by my "leaky vagina" article title over in Medika, I still think it's so important to discuss! And, just a natural part of life as we age--and a preventable one! So, while pelvic floor therapy is very helpful for me, I found I didn't know if I was doing my kegels correctly and had a lot of trouble separating my breathing from my muscle movements. I ordered a Perefit kegel exerciser and have tried it 2 times now. The biofeedback is great. I'm going to use it for a while before I write my article/discuss how the perefit works/doesn't work for me, but it may be something to look into. An acquaintance of mine uses the elvie, another kegel exerciser, and likes that. With the perefit, I'm playing games in my phone by squeezing and relaxing my vaginal muscles. Wow, right?! Lol.

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