Oh, so much to say...1. You're hilarious and I love you. 2. All leg clothes that wrap around hips in one way or another should have at least one deep pocket. Wtf, fashion industry? Women are sick of purses! 3. You are a fantastic mother and I'm sure all mothers relate to the feeling of not quite measuring up in moments of frustration and panic like these. Some moms quietly don't show it while others, like us, get super creative and "cuss like sailors." My kids have learned pretty much the entire range of cuss words from me. They're 10 and 13. 4. I really thought you were going to be angry at the counselor and giving her the what-for and was quite curious what happened b/c I'm sure you are a badass mama bear, but perhaps that's a story for another time? 6. Did I mention I love you?

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