Poems and Short Stories That Nurture

Collected poems and short stories from our peers

Photo by Laura Cortesi on Unsplash

1.From @theriseofeagleeye a short and heart-felt poem that seems to me to be about love.

2. From @lynnenardizzi a poem about Earth and our human relationship with Earth that touched me deeply.

3. From @erikaburkhalter a human, Earth, and Nature reflection along with the added bonus of the poet reading her work at the end. I really enjoyed listening to the recording and am going to try to begin adding recording to my own work as soon as I can figure out Soundcloud.

4. An amazing, heartfelt, heartbreaking, moving piece from @gabyrogut that explores mother/daughter relationships and the trials of aging and being the child of an aging parent through the baking of cookies. A truly beautiful story.

6. @scottleonardi_48336 reflects on how people behave much like poems. This poem gives me more hope for humanity.

7. A short and meditative poem from @melissitybee . Upon reading this I felt myself relax and breathe a bit longer and deeper.

8. Captain Argentina brings his unique perspective in this captivating story of his immigration breakfast experience. After reading this piece, I felt greater hope for humanity, and was reminded that we are, indeed, all connected, and all have the ability to be kind.

9. From @treelangdon a reminder of the space we cannot live without through the trees in a forest, the canopy, the fungi, the water, and the moss. This poem is a delicious meditation on what Nature has to offer us in the way of healing.

10. @BridgetWebber nurtures us with a poem about tending ourselves with the kind of love we reserve for our gardens. This poem resonated with me and reminded me how important it is to take care of ourselves.

I hope you have found some new writers and stories you enjoy through this offering of other Medium writers. Thank you for being a part of our writing community!

Aimée Gramblin is a nature writer, poet, gardener, wife, mother, daughter, friend, dog mom, and nature witch living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is diligently working to bring her memoir into publication.

Living to write. Writing to connect. Fascinated by details, emotion, and meaning. 13X Top Writer. Founder: Age of Empathy. Open to gigs: aimee@gramblin.com

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