Thank you for writing this. I joined Blackout Tuesday at first, but I'll admit I was confused by the way it was executed. I ended up deleting my black box not long after it started along with the hashtags after I read that it was disrupting important information to use them.

I did take Monday through Sunday to shut my mouth on IG and read/post content from BIPOC. It was a good exercise for me--why was I getting mainly white people on my gardening feed before? What hashtags was I not following or using? This helped me to grow and diversify my connections on IG--something that is very important to me. I love that I connect with people from all over the world through the IG platform! Still trying to figure out the algorithm (or something about me) that veers so much towards non-Black content. What even?

Living to write. Writing to connect. Fascinated by details, emotion, and meaning. 13X Top Writer. Founder: Age of Empathy. Open to gigs:

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