Thank you, Joel. I appreciate your insight here and am about to follow you to get more of your insights, too.

I am a half-Jewish woman who is the daughter of a disabled disability rights advocate and step-daughter of a disabled disability rights advocate. A large part of my childhood was spent on the verge of poverty with my single mom who has French-Canadian roots and spoke French in Rhode Island as her first language.

Identifying with otherness is something I relate to, but I haven't brought it up. The thing is, like you, I know that this otherness is different than being Black in America. This otherness is not going to lead to police profiling me for my skin color.

I'm glad I have the experience of otherness though because it has allowed me to develop empathy. And, empathy seems to be something that is lacking as a cultural more (sociological use) here in America these days.

Let's keep having these honest conversations. Thank you for opening up the dialogue.

Living to write. Writing to connect. Fascinated by details, emotion, and meaning. 13X Top Writer. Founder: Age of Empathy. Open to gigs:

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