Thank you, Sarah! What color are your eyes?! 🤔 I realize I am usually apt to not look into my friend's eyes because it's so intimate and I'm kind of scared of sharing that--though as I've grown in having friendships, I have gotten better at this--and will sometimes randomly stare at a friend and proclaim, "What color are your eyes?" before trying to share soul gazing. Yeah, I can be intense, lol.

I'm so glad that I wrote in a way that helped you understand how some of us feel so vulnerable around eye contact, or powerful, or intense, or fearful, or ....

Interesting about not making eye contact with people you don't like! I do this too, or to avoid getting suckered into a conversation I don't want to have, etc.

It'd be fun to read an article by you that delves into how you experience eye contact! :D

Memoirist-in-progress with the collective awakened and awakening consciousness. Love + Courage = Love Evolution. Creativity Fiend in training.

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