Why do I feel like I want to sit down, have coffee or tea or whatever with you, and argue over these assertions?

To be human is to feel. To have the privilege of our brains lighting up at the enjoyment of a field of tulips in our vision, the scent of cloves and oranges in our noses, the electric pulses of our lovers in the holding of hands, the vibrations and joy in our heart from hearing a great symphony, and the taste of bitter herbs or favorite meals on our tongues is such a joy. And, to feel joy is, I think, part of the reason we humans agreed to come experience the earth realm in the first place.

There's also the abstract of love, dreaming, peace, and magic.

I'm not sure Einstein or Newton were geniuses in how they lived their lives. Yes, they came up with theories to progress humanity. Awesome. Genius.

What about their personal lives and relationships? I haven't looked in a while, but I'm pretty sure they were greatly flawed.

Perhaps the connection between spirit, mind, feeling, dreaming, and manifesting is what separates us from animals. Of course, animals may outlive humans and prove they're more genius than humanity, so there's that, too...

So, when are we going to have that drink, dream, and discuss these ideas? Thanks for revving my mind this morning. Feels good!

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